The Untraining/Retraining

Revolutionizing and Reimagining Yoga

with Sondra Loring and Kelly Kamm 

125-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training via Zoom starts Sept 18, 2020

Now is a very exciting time for yoga – we are changing! Literally and virtually, there is a revolution happening; there are a myriad different ways yoga is being questioned and updated. Yoga teachers are reimagining their teaching and people are taking their love of yoga and bringing it into many different aspects of their lives. It is wildly inspiring.

If any practice is to be sustainable, it must evolve and adapt with the times and we are certainly in transformative times. We believe yoga is a transformative practice, if you do it. With the help of science and critical thinking, we are now able to further articulate and teach what we have felt and known intuitively about this beautiful subject. We have made it our mission to keep the teachings and practices relevant and non-dogmatic. Now we find ourselves at a crossroads. What will we take with us, what will we leave behind?  

We are two white women, looking at social and somatic practices through the lens of yoga. We believe in the yoga practice and have dedicated our lives to it. We are not fragile and will step right into it, make mistakes, listen, repair, and stay committed to unlearning, questioning, discussing, in order to bring integrity and excellence in the classes we offer, in our teacher training, and in the choices of guest teachers that we will bring to you. What is new (and expanding) is the study of functional movement, bio-mechanics, resistance training, embodied awareness, neurology, injury prevention, social justice, anti-racist training and trauma-informed practices.

We feel the imperative to re-examine common practices, instructional ‘cues’, alignment assumptions, and traditional texts, with a critical eye. Specific asana sequences that highlight strength, stability and mobility will be taught. We will introduce different practices for the body, mind and heart that pull from the ground and reach for the stars.

In this teacher training, expect to have your preconceived notions of yoga and yoga culture lovingly challenged and respectfully altered. Let us help you to broaden the scope of what you think yoga is, and not only to be part of the revolution, but to lead it by example!

2020 – 2021 schedule & curriculum

All classes will be held online via Zoom.

• Weekends: Friday 6-9pm, Sat & Sun 8:30am-2:30pm

• Weekdays: The first and second Monday & Wednesday of each month, 10am-12:30pm

• All Times: Eastern Time Zone

Sept 18-20:

Inclusivity, Social Justice, Trauma-informed Yoga

Oct 5, 7, 12, 14:

History, Cultural Appropriation, Philosophy

Oct 16-18:

Asana and Cueing

Nov 2, 4, 9, 11:

Mythology, Mudra and Mantra

Nov 20-22:

Anatomy, Bio-neuroscience, Science and Biomechanics

Dec 7, 9, 14, 16:

Asana and Props

Dec 18-20:

Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra

Jan 4, 6, 11, 12:

Asana and Sequencing

Jan 15-17:

Yin and Restorative

Feb 1, 3, 8, 10:

Business, Zoom Teaching, Privates and Workshops


Entire 125 Hour Training: $2500 ($600 off drop-in price) Includes all Weekday and Weekend Immersions.

Each 10 Hour Weekday Immersion: $250

Each 15 Hour Weekend Immersion: $375

$500 deposit due by Sept 1st for full training. No refunds after Oct 10th, 2020. 

Payment plans available: please email Sondra or Kelly to arrange a plan. 

ready to apply?

Download and print this PDF application. Fill out and mail with your payment. Payment may also be made online (see below).

ready to sign up?

Visit our Events & Workshops schedule page to sign up for the full program or a Weekday or Weekend Immersion.

want to know more?

Questions or concerns regarding Zoom online yoga teacher training with Sondra & Kelly? We’d love to hear from you!

testimonials from graduates

The monthly schedule works well for busy lives and allows adequate interval time for absorption and integration of the teachings, as well as development and work at home. The course becomes a personal journey of discovery which I would highly recommend to all levels of yoga lovers, those who plan to become a yoga teacher and those who may not.”
– Jim K.

“You will not find a more thorough and in-depth yoga teacher training program. This program not only enhanced my teaching but also my personal practice.” – Dwayne R.

“Participating in the Sadhana Teacher Training provided me with the tools to not only teach yoga but to continue to experience growth in all parts of my life.” – Mela S.

“The essential ingredients of practice, study and reflection were uniquely combined by the artistry of master teacher, Sondra Loring, and embedded the Eight Limbs of Yoga in my life. The lessons I learned hold true and have broadened my perspective and deepened my introspection.” – Dale H.