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yoga teacher training with Sondra Loring, Dale Hills,
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Everything is always changing – and especially yoga! The yoga world is experiencing a renaissance and Sadhana is at the forefront. People have fallen in love with yoga and are bringing it into their lives in many different ways – it is flourishing in schools, on farms, in parks, on hiking trips, in prisons, in sports, to name a few. It is truly inspiring.

Our school has been offering teacher training for 10 years and we are proud of the rigor, attention to detail, and of the scope of our program. Now we are taking our yoga teacher training to the next level and turning it on its ear – exploring the beautiful subject of yoga in traditional and in ground-breaking ways.

2019-2020 schedule

We meet one weekend a month from September through April. 500-hour trainees meet an additional weekend in January.

Friday: 6:00 – 9:00pm; Saturday: 8:30am – 4pm; Sunday: 8:30am – 3:30pm

Sept 20 – 22Dec 13 – 15Feb 21–23
Oct 18 – 20Jan 17 – 19Mar 20 – 22
Nov 15 – 17Jan 24 – 26*Apr 17 – 19

what’s new?

We will always be committed to excellence by offering an in-depth study of yoga history, philosophy, relevant literature, eastern and western anatomy, asana, sequencing, meditation, breathing practices, mantra, and Sanskrit.

What is new is the inclusion of the study of functional movement, resistance training, embodied awareness, neurology, injury prevention, and trauma-informed yoga practices. We’ll explore how to teach to different populations outside the yoga studio. We will be fearless in examining and critiquing common yoga practices, instructional ‘cues’, alignment assumptions, and traditional texts.

who is this for?

We want to invite everyone interested in process, learning and self-growth to join us in this eight-month journey led by Sondra Loring. Sondra is a life-long student and is adept at synthesizing different perspectives in her holistic approach to teaching. She enjoys challenging her students, but holds space for each student to find their unique path with great respect. Sondra is inspired by our shared aliveness, and co-creates a serious learning environment infused with joy. She will regularly be joined by passionate guest teachers, each skilled in covering a wide range of well-being practices. We learn from each other and students are encouraged not to simply be good yoga students, but to have the courage to be themselves, so that we really come to know each other.

Our program is unique in bringing people with different levels of experience together. We have students that are returning after receiving their 200-hour yoga teacher certification to expand their skills, and we have people that are new to the vastness of yoga and are at the beginning of studying a contemplative subject that has self-realization at its core. We have students that know they want to teach and others that are excited by the prospect of delving deeper into yoga, with no goal in mind other than to learn.

immersion weekend option

Our Immersion Weekends (non-certified) are designed for people who want to have the rigor of a teacher training that includes group study, readings, philosophy, and guest teachers while allowing a greater financial and scheduling freedom. If you wish to deepen your yoga study without certification, you can commit to one or more of the immersion weekends, in which we will delve deeply into select topics pulled from the rich array of the yoga universe. It’s not necessary to do all weekends; you are encouraged to do just one, or more; each is individually priced.

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testimonials from graduates

I am currently in the jungle in Nicaragua at an ashram. I have been studying in a wide variety of yoga ashrams/other teaching settings and i really want to thank you for the thoroughness of the program. I have found in many of these places i am one of the only or few people who knows the sanskrit names and spellings of postures, who knows some philosophy and has read the sutras. I have heard many negative stories about peoples experiences in their yoga teacher programs and I am so grateful that I somewhat accidentally chose a program that teaches with such integrity. It continues to transform my life on a daily basis.” – Jordana Rubenstein-Edberg, 2017

“Sondra Loring’s Yoga Teacher Training is a moving feast of yoga knowledge and experience wrapped in a caring container called ‘Life Practice’. Covering asana practice, meditation, yogic philosophy and lore, Sanskrit, healthful living, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and all 8 limbs of Patanjali’s yoga, the course is a journey into the role of teacher and, at the same time, into the experience of deeper personal practice.

“One weekend a month for nine months we feasted on a differing and delightful mix of yoga and meditation classes, practical working sessions, and workshops with guest teachers. The monthly schedule works well for busy lives and allows adequate interval time for absorption and integration of the teachings, as well as development and work at home. The course becomes a personal journey of discovery which I would highly recommend to all levels of yoga lovers, those who plan to become a yoga teacher and those who may not. Every age and body can benefit greatly from the experience of Life Practice training.” – Jim K.

“You will not find a more thorough and in-depth yoga teacher training program. I completed both my 200 hour and 500 hour at Sadhana. The teachers are extremely knowledgable and passionate about every aspect of the practice of yoga. Workshops are given by the most inspired and learned teachers. This program not only enhanced my teaching but also my personal practice. I highly recommend this Teacher Training program.” – Dwayne R.

“Through the unique, creative, and detailed curriculum, we were able to step into a safe place to deepen our own practice while developing an authentic style as we learned to teach. Participating in the Sadhana Teacher Training provided me with the tools to not only teach yoga but to continue to experience growth in all parts of my life.” – Mela S.

“Life Practice was physically rigorous, mentally intense, and emotionally challenging. I loved it. The essential ingredients of practice, study and reflection were uniquely combined by the artistry of master teacher, Sondra Loring, and embedded the Eight Limbs of Yoga in my life. The lessons I learned hold true and have broadened my perspective and deepened my introspection. Forever grateful, it is an honor to share what I have been taught.” – Dale H.