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Yin Restorative

Yin Restorative is a cross between what is usually called “yin” and what is often simultaneously called “therapeutic” yoga or “restorative” yoga. It is a slightly more supported version of a more traditional yin class and will offer you a chance to rest and renew.

Yin Yoga

Yin, or Taoist Yoga, focuses on the more Yin parts of the body which are the bones, ligaments and connective tissues, particularly those that make up and support our center core in the pelvis and low back. The postures are held for long periods, usually 5 minutes, with acceptance and ease, allowing deep release.

Yoga Night

Yoga Night is for you to tune into your sadhana. The 90-minute class will be a mix of yoga styles such as yin, vinyasa flow, and restorative. You will be given the time and encouragement to explore what each asana has to offer you. All levels (including beginners!) welcome.