How to Help

We had a good month of teaching – steady with one less class and two added classes. We are really excited by the responses and the commitment of everyone on board.

Alison Fox started teaching again at Twin County Recovery and Sondra Loring and Brooke Murray started teaching at the Columbia County Jail. It was a great class there and the woman who runs the Re-entry program came and took the class and loved it!

Jacob Friedman continues teaching yoga for men at Transitions in Hyde Park, but the class that Elle Renaldo teaches is on pause. Cassandra Currie is steady at Red Hook Residential Center, teaching staff and the residents’ weekly yoga class.


New Donation Opportunity

Please consider buying a class or class card through Sadhana’s website that will be donated to the project.  We are hoping to keep the programs running and NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Love saves the day!

Go Fund Me: Sadhana Service Project