Sadhana Service Project

Our Goal is in Sight

Here’s a note from a teacher who started teaching yoga in her local prison last week:

Hey– I just finished teaching at Moriah Shock, it was awesome. It went really well and they seemed to love it and asked me a million questions afterwards. “Do you think it’s hard to breathe while you balance?” “How can this help me in my regular life?” “What is yoga good for?” “Does this help with flexibility?” “Will this help me sleep?” “Can you bring us some handouts next week?” They were attentive and respectful. We did lots of balancing and planking and crow pose, like you suggested. I can’t wait to go back next week. Gonna do two more weeks with this group and then will start with a new group for another three and so on.”

Wonderful things are happening! And it’s tough, and heartbreaking, and the need seems so huge.

We had a mind-blowing workshop on Secondary Trauma and Self-Care last month with Yuko Uchikawa, from NYC. It was vital information for everyone to know, and so powerful to practice skills with each other.

We are really close to meeting our 2019 fundraising goal of $10,000 – it’s your support we count on and we’re sending you all our deepest gratitude. Please donate.

Sadhana Service Project: Sondra Loring, Elle Renaldo, Alison Fox, Cassandra Currie, Edward Tuck, Brooke Murray, Jacob Friedman, Allison Gould, Leah Gooch, Taryn Smith, Berlin Krebs, Liz Levine


New Training Offerings at Sadhana

September 1, 2019 – We are ready for fall and kicking our fundraising project into high gear! We have 3.5 months to reach our goal of $10,000 and we are halfway there. Please consider donating and re-donating to this incredible project. Our operating budget is over $10,000 a year and this year we are growing and bringing excellent teachers to offer trainings that facilitate more awareness and build the skills needed to do this work.

About our Upcoming Training: 

Secondary Trauma and Self-Care with Yuko Uchikawa (an amazing teacher!)

Sunday October 6th , 1 – 4pm at Sadhana in Hudson. $60

For caregivers and those who work with people impacted by trauma, addiction and incarceration, this interactive training will use restorative justice principals and process to create a supportive environment for our work. You will learn about secondary trauma and its exposure signs, and, through small and large discussions, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your work, not just individually, but also collectively as an organization. A series of somatic exercises will bring your attention to the mind/body connection. You will find ways to step into strategizing and deepening your self-care.  For more information and to register, please visit this link.

Yuko Uchikawa, founder of OpenTalk, is a Restorative Practitioner, Mediator, Trainer, and Consultant. Using restorative practices, she supports individuals and organizations to prevent, manage, and transform conflicts. She provides trainings in Conflict Transformation for communities seeking to work through differences, improve communication, and understand the impact of racism. She trains organizations in Secondary Trauma, wellness, and self-care. She serves as a Restorative Justice Coordinator, Consultant and Trainer for New York City public high schools to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline stemming from disproportionate suspension rates for African American and Latinx youth. 

Yuko holds a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a master’s degree in education and conflict resolution from Columbia University. She is a certified mediator with the New York State Unified Court System. She trained in mediation at the Center for Understanding in Conflict and Cardozo Law School and Restorative Justice with the Red Hook Community Justice Center, Kay Pranis, and Elizabeth Clemants.

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Learning & Growing

May 5, 2019 – I love this project, all the amazing teachers going out in the world, teaching their hearts out plus all the inspiring people that we teach.

It’s a very exciting time right now – Elle Renaldo and I are headed to the Yoga and Service Conference at Omega this weekend. We hope that we’ll get to share stories, be even more inspired and find support on how to make Sadhana Service Project sustainable!

We’re out in the field at Twin County Recovery in Hudson, Red Hook Residential in Red Hook (teaching clients and staff!), Transitions in Hyde Park, Hudson Correctional Facility and Columbia County Jail in Hudson, Ramapo and Hilltop Village in Rhinebeck, and we are negotiating with Project More in Poughkeepsie.

Here are two recent testimonials:

“Doing yoga is a great stretch, helps me get in tune with my body, helps to relieve stress, and definitely a great way to get close to yourself and your breathing, you actually notice your natural bodily functions and the things that you don’t focus on in your everyday life.” – Robert J.

“Yoga gives my colleagues and me the chance to do something GOOD for our mind and bodies. I can truly say I feel more relaxed, and even proud after doing yoga. We often forget to engage in self-care, and this opportunity provides us with the chance to take a moment for ourselves, so we can better help the youth and families we serve.” – Lindsay M.

We’ve come a long way in 6 months! And we need your support, truly. Please consider purchasing a specially designated “class” or “class card” that will be donated to the project. Please do it now. We depend on you.

You can also donate here to the Sadhana Service Project.


How to Help

April 1, 2019We had a good month of teaching – steady with one less class and two added classes. We are really excited by the responses and the commitment of everyone on board.

Alison Fox started teaching again at Twin County Recovery and Sondra Loring and Brooke Murray started teaching at the Columbia County Jail. It was a great class there and the woman who runs the Re-entry program came and took the class and loved it!

Jacob Friedman continues teaching yoga for men at Transitions in Hyde Park, but the class that Elle Renaldo teaches is on pause. Cassandra Currie is steady at Red Hook Residential Center, teaching staff and the residents’ weekly yoga class.

We thank you, our community, for your continued support!

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New Programs

March 1, 2019 – A lot happened this month! Jacob Friedman started teaching yoga for men at Transitions in Hyde Park, where Elle Renaldo teaches the women who live there. After a rough end of the year, Elle was able to move to the “men’s” room upstairs, which is bigger and cleaner, and the women have returned to yoga!

Cassandra Currie is steady at Red Hook Residential Center, teaching the staff and the residents weekly yoga class.

Alison Fox completed her yoga series at Twin County Recovery and we’re waiting to see if they will pick it up and continue.

Alec Butterfield, Brooke Murray and I went to a volunteer training at the Hudson County Jail and we will begin classes soon. I was so surprised and pleased at the welcome we received there! Both the CO and the deacon leading the training kept exclaiming about yoga coming into the prison and how wonderful it was going to be – wow!

I met with Carol Donahoe who programs events at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, and we had a great meeting. She offered us two scholarships to attend their annual Yoga and Service Conference in early May, so Elle and I will be representing SSP! Many thanks to Carla Goldstein for connecting us.

We are fast approaching the end of the money that we raised last fall. It will now be the focus to figure out how to sustain this project. Hopefully, we’ll make some connections and learn from the presenters at the Omega conference. I’m thinking we need to find an organization that has 501c3 status and could umbrella us to raise money, apply for grants, etc. If you have any ideas, please let us know!! Thank you all, for your continued support.

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Full Steam Ahead!


February 1, 2019 – Sadhana Service Project is going full-steam ahead! Alison is teaching at Twin County and the clients love it! Cassandra is teaching at Red Hook Rehab to both the staff and the residents and it’s going very well. Elle persevered with Transitions in Hyde Park, secured the ‘good’ room and saved the yoga program for the women; Jacob Friedman will move forward with teaching the men there!

The Sadhana College of Yoga senior students are planning their service projects that are part of their teacher training, and those will roll into our Service Project. We are applying to Omega Institute to attend their Yoga and Service Conference in May. Our next step is to find an umbrella 501c3 organization so we can plan our next fundraising campaign!

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