Project Description

yoga teacher training

the untraining/retraining: the ecology of care

working with the individual and the collective journey to integrate dreams with action and re-imagine yoga training and practice

April Event Postponed- Please check back for updated schedule!

We are experiencing and feeling so much these days and facing such great challenges amidst  an unraveling of business as usual. We can no longer separate the personal from the political in this great turning, and are called to search deeply to recognize oppression, the part we play in it and our responsibility to be an accomplice to change. This re-imagining will be created together, with study, soul-searching, discussion, and small actions done with great heart.

  • Yoga History
  • Eastern & Western Anatomy
  • Strength and Mobility Movement Explorations
  • Course-Correction Cueing
  • Finding Your Voice

This is the beginning of an on-going journey towards caring for ourselves, our community and our world, through the lens of yoga. We will start with illuminating yoga history and the colonialism and appropriation embedded there. We will look at different views on anatomy, how our own bodies have been colonized, and how we can reclaim them. We will share sequences derived from strength and mobility movement explorations and how we can use language to move yoga forward with fierce attention and radical course corrections. You will be invited to find your voice and ease into teaching with clear preparation, support, and loving guidance.