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yoga teacher training

the untraining/retraining yoga immersions

Revolutionizing and Reimagining Yoga with Sondra Loring and Kelly Kamm

Dive deep into a new kind of yoga teacher training. Sadhana now offers Weekend and Weekday Immersions open to all, whether you’re a yoga teacher or just deeply curious about this evolving practice.

If any practice is to be sustainable, it must evolve and adapt with the times and we are certainly in transformative times. We believe in the yoga practice and have dedicated our lives to it. With the help of science and critical thinking, we are now able to further articulate and teach what we have felt and known intuitively about this beautiful subject. We have made it our mission to keep the teachings and practices relevant and non-dogmatic. Now we find ourselves at a crossroads. What will we take with us, what will we leave behind?

moving forward

What is new (and expanding) is the study of functional movement, bio-mechanics, resistance training, embodied awareness, neurology, injury prevention, social justice, anti-racist training and trauma-informed practices.

Throughout this training, you can expect to:

  • Re-examine common practices, instructional ‘cues’, alignment assumptions, and traditional texts with a critical eye.
  • Learn specific asana sequences that highlight strength, stability and mobility.
  • Discover practices for the body, mind and heart that pull from the ground and reach for the stars.
  • Have your preconceived notions of yoga and yoga culture lovingly challenged and respectfully altered.

Let us help you to broaden the scope of what you think yoga is, and not only to be part of the revolution, but to lead it by example!


We are offering individual enrollment in any of our five weekend and five weekday immersions for those who prefer not to commit to the full 125 hour yoga teacher training. See schedule below for dates and times.

  • All classes will be held online via Zoom.
  • Weekend Immersions:
    Friday 6-9pm, Sat & Sun 8:30am-2:30pm
  • Weekday Immersions:
    The first and second Monday & Wednesday of each month, 10am-12:30pm
  • All Times: Eastern Time Zone


  • 10 Hour Weekday Immersion: $250 each
  • 15 Hour Weekend Immersion: $375 each