Sadhana Service Project logoAt Sadhana Service Project (SSP), we believe everyone deserves access to the healing benefits of yoga.

Founded by Sadhana Center’s Director Sondra Loring, Sadhana Service Project brings trauma-informed, mindfulness-based yoga and meditation to people impacted by trauma, addiction and incarceration in New York’s Hudson Valley. The resources and tools we provide for recognizing and reducing aggression, impulsivity, reactivity, and despair, give prisoners and addicts a greater chance of taking responsibility and living differently. We say these tools and resources are the foundation for personal and social transformation.

We have active programs running concurrently in prisons, recovery centers, and residential centers for young people. We are now also working with children of incarcerated parents, through the Greater Hudson Promise organization in Hudson, NY.

For more information, please visit the Sadhana Service Project website.

Sadhana Service Project is a project of the Give Back Yoga Foundation, a not-for profit 501(c)(3).

Katy Flammia Native Plant Seed Bombs

Native Plant Seed Bombs

To Benefit Sadhana Service Project
Katy Flammia is passionate about Native Plant Gardening; she made these seed balls from native plant seeds, homemade compost and Columbia County clay from her pond. Toss them into abandoned overgrown areas, roadsides, medians, or in your own garden. When it rains, the clay will melt, the seeds will feed on the compost and hopefully take hold, creating one more feeding station for wildlife! Toss in fall and winter. Read more about Katy and the benefits of Native Plant Gardening on her blog.

4 small bombs per package
$15 includes shipping