Our Goal is in Sight

Here’s a note from a teacher who started teaching yoga in her local prison last week:

Hey– I just finished teaching at Moriah Shock, it was awesome. It went really well and they seemed to love it and asked me a million questions afterwards. “Do you think it’s hard to breathe while you balance?” “How can this help me in my regular life?” “What is yoga good for?” “Does this help with flexibility?” “Will this help me sleep?” “Can you bring us some handouts next week?” They were attentive and respectful. We did lots of balancing and planking and crow pose, like you suggested. I can’t wait to go back next week. Gonna do two more weeks with this group and then will start with a new group for another three and so on.”

Wonderful things are happening! And it’s tough, and heartbreaking, and the need seems so huge.

We had a mind-blowing workshop on Secondary Trauma and Self-Care last month with Yuko Uchikawa, from NYC. It was vital information for everyone to know, and so powerful to practice skills with each other.

We are really close to meeting our 2019 fundraising goal of $10,000 – it’s your support we count on and we’re sending you all our deepest gratitude. Please donate.

Sadhana Service Project: Sondra Loring, Elle Renaldo, Alison Fox, Cassandra Currie, Edward Tuck, Brooke Murray, Jacob Friedman, Allison Gould, Leah Gooch, Taryn Smith, Berlin Krebs, Liz Levine