Healing Meditations

Many of us suffer from chronic pain, whether it’s from arthritis, joint pain, injury or illness. Narcotics are often prescribed, and while they can help considerably, many patients either don’t want to take opiates, or if they do, they feel that they can’t function as well.

Meditation is gaining recognition every day as a way to work with pain – researchers have examined meditation’s effects on people, such as attention regulation, body awareness, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addiction.

Scientists have asked two questions: “Does meditation help?” and “How does meditation help?” One study showed an approximately 40 percent reduction in pain intensity ratings during meditation when compared with non-meditation. And that it worked for beginners.

Meditation teaches people how to react to pain. People are less inclined to have the ‘ouch’ reaction, and are able to control their emotional reaction to pain.

We are offering these meditations to you to use when you need guidance to reduce stress and pain. There are many forms of stress that can be soothed, including such things as a busy schedule, exhaustion, or agitation.

Healing Meditation Part 1

Healing Meditation Part 2

Healing Meditation Part 3

Letting Pain Float Meditation

These meditations were written by Stephen Levine, and read by Sondra Loring. Our dear musician friend, Steve Gorn, plays the music. For more from Steve, visit his website: SteveGorn.com

In loving memory of Metta Callahan.