I wake up in the morning with a pretty typical routine. My last dream fades, but  by the time I get in my car to head to yoga class; ideas, concerns, frustrations, and possibilities cling to me like lint. As I climb the stairs to the studio, I try to leave some of the rising detritus behind. I busy myself with small tasks- removing my shoes, a sip of water, unrolling my mat. My mind might be a mess, but the blankets and blocks do not have to be, so I straighten and organize. And I do like to Swiffer the studio before class begins (a private ritual) …to tidy-up the leavings. Start clear and fresh.

In my head, there is often the itch of an unsolvable; the tickle of an idea, the want…of something. On this day, there was weight.

Class began with a breath, an Om. I listened and I moved. The asana sequences comforted in their repetition and provoked in their originality. This physical practice lets me move my body with acute awareness- my own incredible journey. On this day, my tender neck sighed into a gentle stretch, my upper arms externally rotated as I tried to straighten my legs in wheel pose. Even stillness glowed- energized by my exertions. My mind was now fully occupied by the language of my body.

I no longer narrate the class with running commentary in my head. I did not apply the 17 cues for down dog, I just down dogged. Where I was led, my body followed. When I was instructed, my body responded.  My breath flowed in and out and around unnecessary effort, with an occasional splash of laughter. I was a moving, organic organism feeling my life within. That magical, inward focus changed my perspective. Body and mind were yoked to the lightness of other. By other, I mean something that was not what I was when I came up those stairs. Nonjudgmental, non-grasping, other is the absence of angst. Respite cradled in the certainty of my existence.  The weight in my heart, the lint of my morning, laying on the surface of my consciousness, was sluffed off like chaff. My day began anew and greatly improved because I had been Swiffered.

Hello, my name is Dale Hills. I am a retired teacher who started practicing yoga at Sadhana in 2010. As my interest deepened, I practiced more, studied more, learned more. And I have further to go on this journey. Come to Sadhana. I might be there to sign you in. It is a magical place.