Learning & Growing

May 5, 2019 – I love this project, all the amazing teachers going out in the world, teaching their hearts out plus all the inspiring people that we teach.

It’s a very exciting time right now – Elle Renaldo and I are headed to the Yoga and Service Conference at Omega this weekend. We hope that we’ll get to share stories, be even more inspired and find support on how to make Sadhana Service Project sustainable!

We’re out in the field at Twin County Recovery in Hudson, Red Hook Residential in Red Hook (teaching clients and staff!), Transitions in Hyde Park, Hudson Correctional Facility and Columbia County Jail in Hudson, Ramapo and Hilltop Village in Rhinebeck, and we are negotiating with Project More in Poughkeepsie.

Here are two recent testimonials:

“Doing yoga is a great stretch, helps me get in tune with my body, helps to relieve stress, and definitely a great way to get close to yourself and your breathing, you actually notice your natural bodily functions and the things that you don’t focus on in your everyday life.” – Robert J.

“Yoga gives my colleagues and me the chance to do something GOOD for our mind and bodies. I can truly say I feel more relaxed, and even proud after doing yoga. We often forget to engage in self-care, and this opportunity provides us with the chance to take a moment for ourselves, so we can better help the youth and families we serve.” – Lindsay M.

We’ve come a long way in 6 months! And we need your support, truly. Please consider purchasing a specially designated “class” or “class card” that will be donated to the project. Please do it now. We depend on you.

You can also donate here to the Sadhana Service Project.