once upon a time, in a land not too far from here, there lived an ordinary being with an extraordinary beast. one day, they decided to embark on a journey into the heart of the magical ordinary forest. as they approached the towering trees, they discovered a tiny fairy door hidden amidst the leaves. without hesitation, they squeezed themselves and their extraordinary beast through and found themselves in a realm where enchantment danced in the air. the forest whispered, and the leaves rustled with secrets. all was silent until a lone goose called out, its cry both harsh and exciting. soon, the air was filled with the calls of geese, starting with one, then seven, then twenty, until there were a hundred echoing through the forest. the geese etched strange and beautiful symbols with their bodies on the canvas of blue, ivory, gray, and pink clouds, reminiscent of arabic or chinese. with curiosity, the ordinary being and their extraordinary beast decided to follow the celestial call.

they guessed the direction south, for the air was chilly, and the geese were likely on a journey towards warmer lands. the rain had left behind a wide swath of river, adorned with floating leaves, reflecting the majesty of the towering trees above. the extraordinary beast waded into the river as the clouds dropped lower, casting a misty aura around them. a hush fell over the land, and they waited in anticipation. the geese had vanished into the vastness of the sky, leaving behind an echo of their fleeting presence.

as they listened, the wind began to rise, and the vines wrapped around the tree trunks loosened with a soft scritch scratch. the air hummed with an otherworldly melody, and the last rays of sunlight painted the tops of distant trees in hues of gold, orange, and brown. a lone starling flew by, its wings slicing through the air without a whisper of sound. in the fading light, one final gaggle of geese slipped through the sky, their underbellies aglow with the warmth of gold. the ordinary being and their extraordinary beast marveled at the magical spectacle, grateful for this journey they had taken through the fairy door into the heart of the ordinary forest. and so, with the night settling in, they ventured back home, carrying with them memories imprinted on their skin and fur, of a fairy tale adventure in the extraordinary world beyond the door.