This is an update from the last blog post

We continue to wrestle with the realities of re-opening Sadhana. There are many things to consider and we would like to ask for your patience as the process is fraught with contradictions.

If we re-open, we will not ask for proof of vaccination. It’s very clear that this is a slippery slope and mires us in the messiness of violating personal freedom, civil rights, equal protection, and the glaring inequities of our current system. I apologize for my mistake in suggesting that previously.

Here’s another issue: We were asked what would we do if someone comes to class and says they have a medical condition that prohibits them from wearing a mask? It seems, from our research, that we are in our rights to require a mask, especially since we are not depriving them of our services, as that person can still take the class online. It feels important to be masked, in a physical movement class, for the safety of all students and teachers. 

It is understandable that some of our classes are not going to work wearing a mask, particularly Dwayne’s Thursday class. So that’s off the table for the time being. I am sitting with teaching my Sunday class, and honestly, I just don’t know. Many people have expressed how much they would like to come into the studio again, and I appreciate that and feel very tender about the whole thing. While I will continue to teach online, even if I teach an in-person class, I have been experiencing greater challenges lately with the zoom platform. However, it feels important to take time, and not rush into anything. I’m feeling that most likely the decision will show up as a last-minute announcement.