To see clearly in this life is to know how to grieve, to feel sorrow right down to the marrow. 

I’m struck, I’m stuck, on how this dominant heteronormative, military/prison industrial complex, this late-stage capitalistic culture, with its sexism, ableism, ageism, and all the other -isms, sucks us dry. It feeds on selling us what we need through shame and seduces us by playing on our desires. It feeds the dis-ease of comparison. Someone has to be higher up on the ladder, someone is at the bottom. I’m studying how to manifest longing in this dream world, and gonna turn their own imperialistic tactics, their insidious and successful tactics, back onto their own demon heads. I’m gonna pry my attention, my choices, my erotic self, out of their sharp-nailed death grip. Watch me.

enough is enough

Looking/listening/turning back to the earth, the wild, the other-than-human ones, for un-learning. Let’s re-learn how to live/love our power. And then we’ll re-imagine and co-create a sustainable world, a more just world, one where we can all thrive and dance and love and pass it on to our children and then to their children, with joy.

“Cry. Dry your tears. Then continue. Repeat if necessary.” – Lama Rod Owens